Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I think I've figured out the problem with customer service. It's the customer.
I go on and on about the customer service in the Danville area. Some times it's excellent. But most of the time I'm complaining.

But in the defense of service providers, I understand.

The general morale in Danville is low (although I think it's improving). Is it possible that the economy is the problem? Probably. But we're all broke. So what gives one broke person the right to be grouchier than the other broke person.

When I am out and about, I watch people. And yes I even ear hustle.

Today I was at Big R. The customer service there was really good. I wouldn't go with "excellent", but it was above average.

But the people.. The last minute shoppers, stressing because they've waited until the last minute. And now they're out pillaging for something to make their loved ones happy on Christmas morning. Paying more than they should for second rate gifts because they've waited too long to get what their spouse or child REALLY wants. Those people have obviously gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. They are rude, mean, grouchy, hateful and in a hurry to get to the next store in hopes there will be another last minute gift that will impress the gift receiver even more.

I was crashed into by 2 carts whose drivers were so engrossed in trying to figure out what to buy, they never even saw me. And what is with the people that stand on one side of the isle and look at things across the isle. Then get ticked off because you walk in front of them..
People refuse to move and allow you to pass. Or they run into someone they know, and start a conversation. Then get mad at someone trying to get by, because they're interupting their conversation.

And just what the heck happened to saying "excuse me" when you find yourself in the path of another customer? It's two words. And I don't even care if you say it with a friendly tone. JUST SAY IT.

Then they get up to the check out and complain to the cashier about prices or lack of merchendise, like it's her fault. Like this poor girl is responsible for ordering, stocking shelves, and pricing. Today I saw a man get nasty with a cashier because the ELECTRONIC MACHINE THAT TALKS TO HIS CREDIT CARD COMPANY DIRECTLY, didn't like his credit card. Again, is this her fault?? PAY YOUR BILL.

After Big R, I went to Aldi's. Aldi's has never been a warm and fuzzy place to shop. But Andrew is getting groceries from Santa and I went to Aldi's to stock up on Ramen and Macaroni.
As always, there was only one checker. As I watched the line start to form and extend clear back through frozen foods, I could feel the tension mount.
People in this town never talk to strangers. If you're standing in line, people will dig through their purse, grab a magazine, read the labels on their food.. Anything to avoid eye contact and/or conversation with the stranger standing in line with them. Unless of course they want to complain. Then all of sudden, they're best buddies. The Aldi's line was buzzing with strangers complaining to each other about how there was only one checker and they were in a hurry. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR WAITING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.
And when it's their turn, they take it out on the poor girl just doing her job.

So even if I didn't find excellent customer service today, Kudos to the checkers that didn't reach across the counters and slap the Christmas snot out of these rude ass people that can only blame themselves for their stress.

And no this does not mean customer service providers are safe from future posts in the Tip Jar.


Anonymous said...

Hey there :-) I liked this entry... as someone who worked her way through High School and College working retail, I can TOTALLY sympathize with the overworked, under paid staff at any store. Then add the holidays - where the customers are stressed, worried about money, screaming kids, and on and on... and it gets ugly really quick.

I had one gentleman yell at me because we didn't carry the right tie... had a woman yell at me because she left her child in our department and I took the child to the store office for security to deal with it (apparently she thought they were going to call DCSF)...

Anyway, you can see... for someone making minimum wage, or near it... where it just isn't worth it to be nice anymore...

Anonymous said...

BTW - that's from Jennifer D... I forgot to sign it... oops