Friday, January 15, 2010

El Toro

Normally we go North for dinner out on Friday nights. Montana Mikes or Steak-n-Shake.
And normally I don't want Mexican food.

But tonight I was not feeling normal and I was craving something spicey.
When you hear people talking about Mexican restaurants in Danville they're talking about Buen Appetito or La Potosina (both good choices).
Not because their food is superior. It is good food. But because their employees are outstanding. I have never had bad service at El Toro.

They are quick, efficient, friendly, fun. ALL OF THEM.
Tonight we had Lucy (I think that was her name. I asked her, but she spoke so softly, I'm not sure I got it right). She brought our chips and salsa and got our drink orders. When she came back with the drinks, she asked if we were ready to order. we were not. She waited the perfect amount of time to come back and check again. Took our order and then said "oh you need more salsa". At the other places, you ALWAYS have to ask for more. I saw her waiting on other tables, yet I really felt like we were her priotity.
When Scott ordered his second Budweiser funky wheat beer, Lucy set it down. As she walked away he picked the bottle up and was showing me how the wheat had built up on the lip of the bottle. Lucy heard him say "look at that". She turned around and asked if everything was okay.
How many times have you complained about something and you know the waitress heard you, but she walked away like she didn't. Not Lucy.

The manager (who started out as a waiter) came by and asked if everything was okay. He asked everyone in the restaurant. But I watched him and he was really taking time with each table and even sat down at one table to chat with the customers.

I had Del Mar Fajitas (salmon, talapia, shrimp, crab). No seafood cooks the same, but everything on my plate was cooked perfectly. Scott had a Santa Anna combo and he said "there is a surprise in every bite".
Ryleigh is the only one that complained. She had chicken strips and fries, and was in "complain about everything" mode.

Try as I might, the only complaint I have for the El Toro staff is that on 2 occassions they have refused to give me a "to go" cup for my leftover margarita.


Matthew Cameron said...

Carlos is great.. Luis, Edwardo, Dulce and Jesse (Jose/Josecito) are very good too. Carlos usually sits down and talks to us for at least five minutes. They always bring out their hottest sauce with out us asking - they have at least five. The one they bring out to everyone is the least hottest. My parents always split the chicken fajitas and my brother and I each get the pollo bravo or carne brava. Neither of those are on the menu and they are always different depending on who is cooking that night; but, I've never had a bad meal there.

Kerri said...

Dulce... Not Lucy...
We really like it too Matthew. It's just out of the way. Usually when we're going to eat, we're going other places as well. Walmart, Big-R, Lowes, Menards, County Market, my parents. It's easier to go somewhere up North.