Thursday, January 5, 2012

They're even rude in small towns


For my Pawnee area "Friends"; my new "Do Not Frequent" establishment: the new jewelry shop on the square. Granted, I went in to ask for an underwriting/donation for our annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet. But I was met with the rudest, most unfriendly person in a retail sales establishment I have ever run across. Me: How's Tricks? Him: Huh? Me: How you doin today? Him: What're you selling that I don't want to buy Me: (thinkin he's joking) My name's Kevin, I'm representing Ducks Unlimi... Him: (interupting) Not interestest. Me: Ok... Him: They got more damn money than anybody Me: (as I turn to leave) I aplogize, thank-you Him: They're the largest organization in the country, and I'm not Interested. Me: I said I was sorry for taking up your time, I live here in Pawnee and just wanted to stop in...Him: (interupting for the second time) somebody else can give them money I'm not.

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nuccia said...

Wow - his people skills are amazing. Wonder if he has a degree or he was just born an asshole ...