Monday, December 19, 2011

Chelsey - Epic Fail

With the craziness of trying to prepare for the Holidays, Scott and I found ourselves doing some last minute shopping..

I worked until 5, and he had worked until 6. A trip to Sears, Walmart and a couple other smaller stores here in town, we opted to hit the North Steak-n-Shake, rather than come home and figure out something to cook at 8:30pm.

We no longer have a "favorite" waitress at Steak-n-Shake.. There a few there that are FANTASTIC.. But only a few.. Tonight.. We didn't get one of the "few".

Instead we had Chelsey.. I wasn't overly impressed with her demeanor when she arrived at our table to take our drink orders.. But I was tired, and I blew it off..
She didn't improve as the meal progressed.. But it wasn't the service she provided us, that was the problem..
It was the conversation we over heard, and the service she was giving an adjacent table, that was offputing (spell check says that's not a word).

Chelsey and a fellow waitress were wiping down tables in a row of booths. There was a table separating them, so they couldn't whisper to each other.. They should have waited until they could.

There were several exchanges between the two of them.. But only one sticks out in my head.
I heard Chelsey say "I wanted to tell her she shouldn't be rude the person that is about to deliver her food"..
Now we all have fears of immature waitstaff doing the unthinkable to our food. I am sure I'm not the only one that doesn't speak my mind or complain until AFTER my food has been delivered.. Chelsey's conversation just affirmed my worst nightmare.
-Don't piss off your server.

So then... Ha you thought I was done.

The very nice couple seated in the booth next to us, started out behind us. They asked to be moved because they were next to the window and it was chilly.
So they moved next to us, ordered their food and made small talk across the aisle from us. They food was delivered, they held hands and prayed before looking over their order.
Chelsey flew past them and the lady flagged her down to ask why there was nothing on her sandwich. Chelsey's reply was "it's on the bottom, that's just how the dress the sandwiches here", and off she went.
On her next fly by, the lady stopped her again. And this time dismantled the sandwich showing that the garlic mayonnaise along with everything else, was left off of her sandwich.
Chelsey again came back with the most informative answer I've ever heard.
"well that's weird". SAY WHAT????
How about "oh my.. I'm so sorry, let me take that back and have it done right for you"..
Nope.. This poor lady got, well I can get them for you... What did you have on it".
HOLY CRAP.. Worthlessness... You took the order.. YOU should tell HER what they left off.
And if that wasn't enough "do you want the garlic mayonnaise or regular".
And she heard your "don't piss off the waitress" comment.. So I'm guessing she's afraid to push you too hard.

You got your 8% Chelsey.. But I should have spit on it..
and BONUS.. I called the corporate office..

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nuccia said...

Good for you! I would have called as well. Imagine having to make your own food in a restaurant - might as well have stayed home and made your own sandwich.