Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Okay you have to be kidding me..
Last Friday we decided to splurge and go to Garfield's. If you ever get the urge to do that, let it pass.

We stopped going a long time ago. Not because of the service but because of the prices.
Garfield's seriously charges you for every morsel. At most restaurants you get a salad and a side dish with the order of every entree..
Not Garfield's.. Salad - extra, mushrooms for your steak - extra, butter and sour cream for your potato - extra. I'm pretty sure they even have a pedometer on the salt shaker so that they can charge you for every shake.
You would think that with their prices, service would be off the chart.
If so, you would be thinking wrong.

We went, we had Ryleigh and one of her friends and baby Braydon with us.
They sat us at booth with a high chair for Bray at the end. He was hungry, so as we ordered drinks, I said "do you have mac and cheese, and can I have that right now please". Apparently it comes as a meal and what did I want for my side dish. This poor girl apparently has never been around small children. I said "okay throw some broccoli on there". Getting Bray started early meant there was a chance he would be slowing down in time for me to get my food and be able to eat it while it was still hot..

The mac and cheese came - with fries.. HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY TEETH.. And she set it down right in front of him. He's 7 months old!!!! His hand went right for the steaming noodles (don't worry Amy, I caught him before he got there and moved the plate).
So she says she'll bring me the broccoli I originally asked for. I'm pretty sure we got charged for that.

The girls ordered an appetizer (Braydon was finished eating before the appetizer ever got there). It was set down amongst our empty glasses (pet peeve). We didn't get any small plate for the appetizer. So it was everyones hands in one plate (ewwww - germaphope).

A half an hour later our food came. I always get a pepper steak (steak on a bed of green peppers and onions). It comes on a sizzling (like fajitas) platter that has obviously been put in the oven prior to service. Again, she set it down right in front of "all hands" Braydon (I caught him again Amy and moved the plate).
We finally asked for more drinks, got them, and then we never saw her again (until it was time to pay).

Do you know that the maximum amount of time a 7 month old can sit in a wooden high chair without deciding he's had enough, is about an hour.. We were there for two..
So as I held and entertained Braydon to rescue him from his macaroni boredom, Scott had to cut my steak, and prep my potato so that I could eat one handed.

Garfield's.. Either adjust your prices or improve your service.. Although the food is great, both of them suck.

1.25 out of 5 Kerri stars.


Lucia said...

I know what you mean Kerri....we haven't been in forever for very same reasons. I love the pepper steak too but last time we were there prices sky high, service less than so-so and my potato was cold. Also, no constant refills of the drinks (pet peeve or ours too). Not to mention....Perry can't hear with a lot of background noise and the acoustics are horrible in there - so when we did go there it was pretty much a silent meal as I got tired of him saying "what".

Kerri said...

It will be a while before we go back.
But they're always busy. so they must be doing something right. I'm just not seeing it.

Amy said...

Our kids never got plates of their own until they were about 2. I'm cheap, and they can snack on crackers until my food comes. Then we all finish at the same time. . . sorta.

Garfield's is
s l o w