Friday, April 2, 2010

Mr. Tips

It's Good Friday and a lazy day.
Yesterday, I was offered (and accepted) a full time permanent position at Presta.
My mom wanted to buy me a hanging basket for the porch as a celebratory gesture (I also got the most beautiful flowers delivered from my friend Beth in Arizona. Thank you Beth).
So. Mom picked me up to go to Danville Gardens so I could pick out my own basket.
She had some clothes in the back seat that we were going to drop off at the Humane Society for donation. The Humane Society was closed, so the clothes are still in her car.. But I almost ended up with a dog anyway. There were two young guys that had found a black and tan miniature dachshound (that can't be spelled right). They pulled into the parking lot to drop him off as we were getting ready to pull out. I really did almost take him home with me..
But I'm getting off track. While were sitting in the parking lot debating about the dog, I got this whiff of something so completely wonderful, I could barely keep my mind straight.. A smell that made drool seep from my mouth. It took everything I had to to leap from the car and follow my nose to where ever this aroma was coming from.. I could almost feel my teeth sink into the juicy meat that had undoubtedly been laying on a bed of coals for hours.
Across the street from the Humane Society is a little place called Mr. Tips.. I've driven past it a million times, noticed it, wondered about it, and blew it off. But today, I could blow it off no longer. Just one problem, mom was driving and she wouldn't turn her Honda into the parking lot.
So off to Danville Gardens we went. Then to the 610 for a celebratory beverage.
No matter what I did, or where I was for the rest of the day, my mouth was still thinking about whatever was cooking over those coals.

When Scott got home from work I said exactly this "my mom made me drink beer and I want ribs". We've talked about the small non-descript building before.. Things like "I think they just cater" or "I don't think it's really open", but we've never attempted to go.. Tonight we did.

If you have ever driven past this building and wondered what was inside.. STOP DRIVING.. AND GO IN..

What an "at home" atmosphere they have.. I felt comfortable and welcome and appreciated. The owner is a Pastor (I'm sorry I didn't get his name)that knows how to throw down some food..
We wanted to try everything on the menu. We ended up with rib tips, 2 giant catfish fillets, a monstrous polish sausage, cole slaw, potato salad and drinks for about $24.00.. Everything is prepared fresh. the sides were very obviously homemade. And the people working couldn't have been friendlier.
We were the only people that were dining it.. But several people came in for take out orders..
Now me being me, I have to point out some flaws (only they're not really flaws). Because they serve their food fresh, you can not just go in and get a slab of ribs. If you want ribs, you have to give them a 6 hour notice. Sucked for me because I wanted ribs. But if you think about it, how excellent is that?? Ribs right from the fiery coals.
Now I grew up on ribs from a well known to Danville travelling company whose name has three letters (you know the one). But I'm willing to bet when I finally get my grubby little hands on some Mr. Tips ribs, and my face is smeared with bbq sauce, my fingers are sticky and my white shirt has red polka dot drippings on it, they will be my new favorite.
I would really hate to see this place not make it. So make sure you go.
5 stars on the Rollins flavor and service scale.


Nicole said...

Well I must say that your wonderful at describing things...and you are a great writer...keep writing. See ya soon...tell my brother that i said hello

Kerri said...

Thank you Nicole.

I'll tell him

Amy said...

I just finished my lunch, but my mouth is now watering. Yeah, when you have to give them 6 hours notice on the ribs, you know they're gonna be good!!!

Can't wait to hear how they are.